My superpower? Helping designers get hired.
Let’s be honest, design education isn’t preparing you for your first job. And some jobs won’t give you the experience you need to get where you want to go.

I’ll give it to you straight up — we’ll take an honest look at your portfolio, we’ll have an honest conversation about where you’re at, and we’ll build a plan to get you where you want to be.

Why am I doing this? Because we need more good designers out there fighting the good fight, and one day I’ll need you on my team. 
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Head of Design at Bungalow

WHo i can help

Design students
Junior designers
Mid-level designers
Senior designers

areas of focus

Product design
Content strategy
Presentation design
Public speaking

How I Can Help You Grow


I’ll give honest feedback about your work


I’ll help you find clarity in what you’re after


I’ll help you develop a plan to get there

Book an hour with me for $100

Suggested topics

*  Let’s start by taking a look at your portfolio

*   Then let’s unpack all your hopes, dreams, anxieties, and fears

*   Let’s pull it all together, create a plan, and tackle that first step

What you'll get


1 on 1 video conference


During our first session we’ll focus on your portfolio and unpack your hopes and dreams


Follow up sessions will be focused on developing your plan and taking that first step

Book a one hour session over video conference