Sarah Jutras

My superpower is helping other designers develop their strengths. I'm a product designer who has spent the past 10+ years designing UX and UI for consumer products. I’ve had the opportunity to work not only in-house as a design leader at numerous Bay Area startups but also agency side and now, as an independent business owner, I consult for a myriad of diverse clients. As a maker, manager and teacher, my passion is in creating meaningful, intuitive and polished experiences that make a positive impact on users.
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Independent Product Designer & Business Owner


General Assembly,


WHo i can help

Career switchers 
Design students 
Junior or Mid-level designers 
Potential freelancers 
Women in design

areas of focus

UX & Interaction Design
UI & Visual Design
Design Strategy
Career Growth & Mentorship
Pitching & Presentations

How I Can Help You Grow


Helping you to define a career path in UX, sharing the differences between in-house, agency and freelance


Providing feedback on your portfolio and prepping for interviews


Helping you overcome imposter syndrome or personal obstacles


Sharing my own personal design approach and processes

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Suggested topics

*  What kind of design job to
   look for

*   Portfolio & interviewing     guidance

*   Feedback on design work

*  About UX/UI design

*  Anything else you want to    chat about!

What you'll get


A one hour 1:1 video session


Personalized content & support based on your needs


Actionable steps for you to take at the end of our session plus helpful resources

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